What is it?

This program include face-to-face meetings, moments of remote working, prototyping and the release of new exclusive lines created based on the Biomimetic Innovation methodology.

Singled out by Fortune as one of the biggest trends of 2017, Biomimetic emerges as an incredible tool for innovation and development of products and processes, adding more economic, social and environmental value. The teams will be followed by designers and biomimetic and innovation specialists from Tátil Design de Ideias, a company that holds over 100 national and international awards that has in its DNA the sustainability and eco innovation associated to the creative glow and strategic precision.

Would you like to be part of the program?

To be part of the program, you need to meet the minimum standards:

  • Technical quality of the product;
  • Sustainability of the productive process;
  • Principles of business relationship;
  • Commitment to the brand design of Ceramics of Brazil;
  • Availability of a multidisciplinary team to the work process.


  • Team trained in biomimetic innovation, to fully develop this project;
  • Start of the culture shifting, with multidisciplinary work, involving different areas of the same industry on a project;
  • Creation of new product lines for each industry, with at least 5 new skus per industry;
  • Being part of the construction of the brand Ceramics of Brazil.


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