Global Quality

Based on this pillar we are working in every aspect regarding the quality of our products and services, in compliance with the technical standards and adapting to what is valued on the different markets.

Commercial Partnership

A pillar to reinforce the initiatives that include the building of a trustworthy relationship. We are representing industries committed to do always the best, and partners that strictly make the commitment and take responsibility.

Sustainable Efficiency

Aiming to be a brand that represents a country with smart products and processes, we continuously seek optimization of resources, and reinforce that sustainability depends on a integrated vision of the business, society and environment. Following this pillar the  Anfacer + Sustainable was born, an initiative of commitment of the ceramic sector to have sustainability as a premise to all strategies and actions of the business.

Authentic Design

Seeking inspiration on the natural, cultural and artistic diversity original from Brazil, we are bringing the differential of the design with the freshness of a new look that holds freedom and innovation. Anfacer believes that it is possible to reframe the traditional ceramic market, creating new possibilities of expression inspired by “the natures” of our country, which has one of the biggest biodiversity and biggest geological diversity of the world. Intending to create products from the inspiration found on the environment, we are developing the APOENA program.


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